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2021 MMRI Symposium Poster Presentations

2021 MMRI Symposium Poster Presentations

Nishkarsh Agarwal – MSE “Micron to Ångstrom: Diverse Material Characterization with Electron Microscopy 1/3″

Kanat Anurakparadorn – MACRO“Design and Optimization of Periodic Porous Structure of Electromagnetic Metamaterial Absorbers”

Rajani Bhat – Dentistry – “Role of Peptide-Mimetic Anionic groups in Amphiphilic Copolymers

Arya Chatterjee – MSE – “Laser additive manufacturing of immiscible alloy: hierarchical microstructure and mechanical response”

Randy Cheng – MSE – “Ultrasonic vibration assisted deformation in incremental sheet forming”

Rana Dabaja – ME/Dentistry – “Design and Manufacturing of Functionally Graded Porous Materials for Dental Implants”

Baran Demir – ECE – “Magnesium Alloying of Solution-Processed Amorphous Zinc Tin Oxide Thin Films and Their Crystallization”

Sam Elliot Frisone – MSE – “Understanding radiative emissions in the vicinity of selected-area regrown GaN diodes”

Aaron Gladstein – MSE – “3D Visualization of In-Situ Al(1-x)-Si(x)/TiC Nanocomposites”

Vishwas Goel – MSE – “Electrode architectures for enabling fast charging in energy-dense batteries and their in-depth analysis using continuum level modeling”

Duncan Greeley – MSE – “Characterization and Modelling of Twin Evolution and Cyclic Deformation in Magnesium-Rare-Earth Alloys”

Kelsy Green – Nuclear – “Effect of N2- and CO2-Containing Shielding Gases on Composition Modification and Carbonitride Precipitation in Wire Arc Additive Manufactured Grade 91 Steel”

Lindsay Gubow – MSE – Quantifying Variability in Li-ion Battery Materials using Single Particle Electrochemistry

Catherine Haslamm – MSE – “The effect of aspect ratio on the mechanical behavior of Li metal in solid-state cells”

Jeffery A. Horowitz – EECS “Patterning Cells with Organic Electronic Materials”

Guanglong Huang – MSE“Phase-field modeling of solid-state metathesis reactions

Woojung Ji – Chemistry –“Functional Pressure Sensitive Adhesives for Microplastics Removal”

Yuefeng Jin – ME – “Applying Machine Learning to High-Energy Diffraction Microscopy Experiments and Data Processing”

Jaesung Jo – EECS – “Study on the Differences Between Hall Mobility and FE Mobility for p-Type RF sputtered Cu2O Thin-Film Transistor”

Jiwoong Kang – ChemE – “Percolation Behavior of Three-Dimensional Grain Boundary Networks assessed via x-ray diffraction tomography”

Metin Kayitmazbatir – MSE – “Laser-Modified Hypereutectic Al-20Si Alloys: Microstructure, Refinement and Mechanical Properties”

Kamruzzaman Khan – MSE – “Demonstration of self-assembled InGaN/GaN superlattice on GaN template grown by plasma-assisted molecular beam epitaxy”

Dukhan Kim – MACRO – “A Nonaqueous Redox-Matched Flow Battery with Charge Storage in Insoluble Polymer Beads”

Ming-Hsun Lee – MSE – “Ex situ Doping on AlxGa2-xO3 with Si-ion Implantation and the Demonstration of Ohmic Contacts Formation

Sangwon Lee – EECS – “In-situ multiscale investigation of recovery, recrystallization and grain growth using 3D X-ray diffraction microscopy”

Rebecca Lentz – EECS – “Silicon Thermophotovoltaics

Wenxi Li – ME – “Understanding Functional Fatigue with 3D In-Situ Grain Maps Using High-Energy Diffraction Microscopy”

Huai-Hsun Lien – MSE – “Strengthening and Strain Accommodation Mechanisms in Interface-Dominant Laser Rapid Solidified Al-20Si

Chia-Heng Lin – MSE – “Bioinspired Chemical Motors for Self-propelled Microrobots”

George Lindemann – MSE – “Microstructural stability of a three-phase eutectic examined via 4D X-ray nano-tomography”

Hongling Lu – MSE“Tailoring Nanoscale Crystal Polytype Selection for Quantum Confinement Engineering”

Tonglin Lu – EECS – “Steep Subthreshold Swing ALD ZTO TFTs with in situ Gate Insulator”

Yanjun Lyu – MSE – “PRISMS-PF: A High-Performance Phase-field Modeling Framework to Simulate Microstructure Evolution”

Leah Marks – MSE – “Macromolecular Radical Networks as a Novel Magnetic Material”

Kishwar Mashooq – EECS“Extraction of SnO sub-bandgap defect density by Numerical Modeling of p-type TFTs”

Jared Mitchell – MSE“Probing Non-Stoichiometry in GaAsBi and GaAsNBi Alloys Using Local-Electrode Atom Probe Tomography”

Alexandra Moy – MSE – “The effects of aluminum composition on the microstructural and electrochemical properties of lithium lanthanum zirconium oxide”

Malini Mukherji – MSE/ChemE – “Electro-jet writing of edible scaffolds for oral delivery of therapeutic antioxidants and texture enhancement”

Eli Rotman – MSE – “Observing Recystallization Textures in Commercially-Pure Aluminum Using X-ray Diffraction Techniques”

Daniel Rubio-Ejchel – ME – “Far-From Equilibrium processing of 316L Steel – Copper Alloys by Direct Metal Deposition Additive Manufacturing, Professor Jerard Gordon, Mechanical Engineering Department”

Kamal Rudra – EECS – “Growth and characterization of first-epitaxial thin film of low-bandgap MnV2O4”

Bibhu Prasad Sahu – MSE – “Thickness dependent deformation mechanisms in multilayer Cu/Mo thin films”

Jonathan Schwatrz & Suk Hyun Sung – MSE – “Micron to Ångstrom: Diverse Material Characterization with Electron Microscopy 1/3”

Anshul Singhal – MSE“Improved extraction of natural fibers for polymer composite applications”

Ethan Sprague – MSE – “Additive Manufacturing of Copper-Iron Alloys”

Aditya Sundar – MSE – “Screening the mechanical properties of multicomponent BCC refractories”

Mohsen Taheri Andani – ME – “Quantifying Slip Band-Grain Boundary Interactions in Magnesium Alloys”

Megan Trombley – MSE – “Size Effect on the Ultrasonic Fatigue Behavior of Laser Powder Bed Fusion 316L”

Kelly Wang – MACRO – “Formation of a single quasicrystal upon collision of multiple grains”

Tiwa Yimyai – MSE – “Self-healing elastomers for information encryption and sensing”

Mengjie Yu – MACRO – “Silicon Carbide (SiC) Nanocomposites Derived from Rice Hull Ash (RHA) as Anodes for Lithium-ion Batteries”

Yaozhong Zhang – ME – “Grain-Scale Multiaxial Fatigue in HEA”

Zane Zhang – MSE – “Self-healing and reconfigurable protein-based magnetic actuators”

Yi Zhu – CEE – “Analysis, Design, and Fabrication of Controllable Micro-Origami for Complex Motions and Functions”

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