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R&D Line and Coin Cell Fabrication

R&D Line and Coin Cell Fabrication

The R&D Line is a single, -40°C dewpoint dry room containing all of the equipment necessary to mix, coat, calender, and assemble small format pouch cells (58 x 45 mm). The R&D Line is designed to handle project that may not have large quantities of starting materials, have unusual build requirements that require more manual intervention, or require very low humidity throughout the fabrication process; we encourage solid state battery researchers to consider the R&D Line for their project needs. Like the Pilot Line, the R&D Line reserves as a single user unit for privacy and IP protection.


R&D Line Equipment List

2032 format coin cells are assembled in an argon glovebox. With advanced notice, coin cells may also be assembled inside of the R&D Dry Room.


Solid State Equipment List



Given the novel nature of solid state batteries and the wide variety of chemistries that description can cover, we are continuing to grow our capabilities in response to demand from our users. Please contact us with nay questions you may have regarding our solid state capabilities.

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