Battery Lab

Testing and Characterization Instruments

Testing and Characterization Instruments

Electrochemical Testing


The U-M Battery has nearly 300 channels of Maccor cycling capability ranging from 30 µA to 50 A up to 5 V. Cycling may be conducted at either ambient temperature (~25°C) or in one of six Espec thermal chambers for sub- or super-ambient testing. All data collected in the lab is handled by Voltaiq to assure that our users can stay up-to-date on the performance of their cells.


Abuse Testing


The U-M Battery Lab is equipped to conduct abuse testing of your cells made here in our facility, or sent to us from your own fabrication line or supplier. These tests are always conducted by Battery lab staff on behalf of our users for safety reasons.


Abuse Testing


Characterization Instruments


In addition to our cell fabrication and testing resources, the Battery Lab offers a number of analytical instruments for characterization of battery materials. Our staff is available to help you characterize your materials, often in an air-free environment if necessary. These instruments are reserved individually.


Characterization Equipment


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