Battery Lab

Battery Lab Industrial User Pricing

Battery Lab Industrial User Pricing

The Battery Lab is focused on helping users scale up battery innovations. We reserve our facility by the day and provide staff assistance throughout your visit.

Pilot-scale (18650 cylindrical or 72x110mm pouch cells) reservations are $4,500/day for first shift work, or $2,800/day for a four-hour, second shift reservation. Normally, a Pilot Line reservation will be for five days, at a total cost of $22,500 plus consumables (first shift).

The R&D Line, while less automated than the Pilot Line, offers an affordable alternative for those users with smaller quantities of active material; the R&D Line is available for $2,250/day for first shift, or $1,400/day for a four-hour, second shift reservation.

For the cost of our other services, or to receive a detailed quote for your project, please contact our Technical Director, Greg Less (

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