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Data Policies

Data Policies

The U-M Battery Lab will never publish, share, or otherwise breach your intellectual property protections.


Work conducted at the U-M Battery Lab is done under a service agreement, and if requested, a non-disclosure agreement. The lab is operated as a “service unit” on campus, meaning that we do not engage in the active generation of intellectual property with our users. This frees us up from any potential entanglements and ensures that our users retain their intellectual property for themselves.


Further, to help protect your intellectual property, we reserve each area of The Battery Lab to one user group at a time. There will never be anyone in your reserved area who isn’t a member of the Battery Lab staff, your company, or an entity that you’ve expressly granted permission to enter.


Data Protection


Users should feel free to take notes, pictures, video, etc. during their reserved time in the Battery Lab to document the fabrication process. Please be sure to record all parameters of interest to your research, as the Battery Lab staff does not capture every setting and result that may be important to your organization.


The cell build sheet that the Battery Lab staff uses to ensure the quality of your cell build is NOT available to our users. We will, however, archive the information in the event you want to refer to the parameters we capture during a subsequent visit. Upon request, the spreadsheet can be exported as a PDF file.

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