Our Staff

Greg Less
Battery Lab Technical Director

Greg Less is the Technical Director at the University of Michigan Battery Lab, responsible for the day-to-day operations of the facility. Greg received a doctorate in Chemistry from the University of Michigan. Prior to founding the Battery Lab, he was a research scientist at the University of Michigan and  with battery companies T/J Technologies and A123 Systems.


Email: gless@umich.edu

Phone: 734-764-2794


Joe Gallegos
Battery Lab Engineer

Joe Gallegos is responsible for maintenance and training for the R&D Prototype lab at the UMBL. Joe received his doctorate in Chemistry from the University of Michigan. Prior to joining the Battery Lab, Joe worked at Inmatech and as a Navy contractor doing R&D on supercapacitors


Email: jgallego@umich.edu

Phone: 734-647-9771

William Hicks
Battery Lab Engineer

William Hicks is responsible for hands-on operation and maintenance of the Battery Lab Fabrication and Characterization Facility, and oversees the Phoenix Memorial Lab Facility. With over 15 years of experience in battery technology, he joined the Energy Institute in 2015. His previous experience included battery work at Navitas Systems, A123 Systems, and Ovonic Battery Company. Hicks is also an Air Force veteran.


Email: wilhic@umich.edu

Phone: 734-615-9025

Art Sinclair
Battery Lab Engineer

Art Sinclair is primarily responsible for the maintenance and training of users on characterization equipment. Prior to joining the Battery Lab, Art worked for over 20 years in manufacturing and R&D at BASF and at the Pall Corporation/Gelman Sciences.


Email: artsincl@umich.edu

Phone: 734-647-9771



Shelly Christian-Sherman
Battery Lab Business Administrator

Shelly Christian-Sherman is the Business Administrator for the Battery Lab. She has a Bachelor of Business Administration from Cleary University and has a 30+ year career at UM.


Email: sacs@umich.edu

Phone: 734-615-5742