Become A User

Become A User

You have the choice of becoming a user by being trained on the instruments and carrying out the experiments yourself, or having our staff perform service work. All users, whether internal or external, including service work customers, will need to create a FOM (Facility Online Manager) account at https://fom.engin.umich.edu.

Becoming an Internal User

An internal user is a student, faculty or staff member at the University of Michigan who will be paying for Center usage on a U-M shortcode. A confirmation email will be sent to the PI for shortcode approval. Follow the steps below to become a user, or if you are unsure whether your research can be carried out in our lab, email with a brief description of your proposed experiments.  We will determine if your research can be performed with the equipment available and identify the ideal instrument.

  1. Create a FOM account here.
  2. Review our policies if you have not already done so during FOM registration.
  3. Complete the required MyLINC safety training courses BLS025w: Chemical Laboratory Safety Training and Covid 19: Working Safely at U-M. You have likely already taken this training and if so can download the certificates you’ve previously been granted, then email copies of these along with an image of your Mcard, to Deanna at dlwendel@umich.edu.
  4. After a staff member confirms your FOM account, you can log in and request the seminar Introduction to (MC)² along with relevant technique seminars if you will be using TEM, SEM, FIB, or micro-CT instruments. Seminars are requested from the User Home under Available Equipment. Links to the material will then be sent to you.
  5. After required seminars have been completed, make sure to request training for each instrument you are interested in using through the FOM User Home so that we have a record of your request, then our staff will reach out to you about next steps or scheduling training.Note that you will need to fill out a form in order for your Mcard to open the Building 22 external door. After you attend your first seminar, you can fill out the Daytime Access Form in our office and have it signed by Bobby Kerns (kernsr@umich.edu) or Deanna Hecht (dlwendel@umich.edu), then submit it to the NCRC access group (med.school.access@umich.edu). If you are granted 24-hour access in FOM on any of the microscopes at a later point, you will need to submit a second form for after-hours card access.

Becoming an External User

All users from other universities or from industry, government, or non-profit organizations are considered external users. External rates are listed at https://mc2.engin.umich.edu/rates. Prior to use of Center resources, external users are required to fill out a service agreement and indicate a payment method. If you are unsure whether your research can be carried out in our lab, email with a brief description of your proposed experiments.  We will determine if your research can be performed with the equipment available and identify the ideal instrument.

All steps are required for any external user who will be performing their own work. Steps 4 and 5 are not required for service work requesters who will not be working in the lab. 

  1. Download External Service Agreement and email completed version of the form along with a purchase order (if applicable) to Deanna Hechtl.
    • Be sure that the address you supply in the External Service Agreement is your billing address.
    • Purchase orders should specify the following payee: The Regents of the University of Michigan, Box 223131, Pittsburgh, PA 15251-2131.
    • If credit card is indicated on the service agreement form as the payment method, note that a 2.7% processing fee will be included on invoices. If the payment method changes, please notify us, so this fee will no longer be added.
    • Invoices are normally sent at the beginning of each month for the prior month’s total usage (Net 30 payment terms).
  2. Create an external FOM account here – even if (MC)2 staff is performing the work.
  3. Review our policies if you have not already done so during FOM registration. If you are requesting service work, submit a request from the Collaborate & Service page in FOM.
  4. If you plan to train on our equipment rather than request service, you will need to be sponsored by the department as a university affiliate (receive a U-M identity or uniqname) and complete U-M required lab safety and Covid safety training. Contact Deanna for more information. Your account will be confirmed after the safety training modules are complete.
  5. Log in to the FOM User Home page and request the (MC)2 introduction seminar from the Available Resources menu along with any technique seminars for the relevant equipment. Once seminars are complete, submit a training request for each microscope you plan to use from the User Home page, then staff will reach out to you about scheduling training.

Facility Access

Internal users with an Mcard who have submitted a signed Daytime Access Form to the NCRC access group may enter directly through Building 22. External users will need to obtain an Mcard for direct B22 access or coordinate entry with (MC)2 staff. Paid visitor parking is located around the complex, with the closest to our building in Lot NC105 (see NCRC Visitor Map).

Seminars and Hands-On Training

Before performing work in (MC)², new users are required to attend a seminar outlining facility rules, safety, and instrumentation. Following this initial seminar, new users will attend additional seminars focusing on the specific techniques they need for their research before being trained on the instruments. Seminars are requested through FOM.

Instrument Booking

Follow this link for scheduling instruments or checking availability.


  • Any user who has not used an instrument in 3 months may need to go through instrument training again. Exceptions are the SEM and XPS for which the grace period is 6 months.
  • Actual training will not commence until users have their samples in hand.  This is to avoid a user forgetting training material before their samples are ready and needing to begin the process again.
  • (MC)2 staff can advise and help a user in all aspects of specimen preparation, instrument use, and data interpretation at any stage of their work.

Users should contact with any questions about training, service, or access.

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